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Sea Glass Bath Salts100% Sea Salt in a fun chunky size! These beauties will brighten up your day and bath! Toss some into the adorable little bag or directly into the bath water. Either way, you’ll have a beautiful bathtub filled with color and delightful scents! Sea salt is also very soothing and healing to the skin, and who can’t use a little of that kind of magic?!

20oz by weight

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Sea Glass Bath SaltsHandcrafted in sunny Southwest Florida!

Given the handmade nature of these salts, no two are exactly the same!

Contains: 100% Sea Salt, Fragrance, and Color. *May contain cosmetic glitter and/or mica depending on selection.

How to Use: Fill bag (included) with salt, tie bag closed, drop into warm water. OR put salt directly into bath without bag. Avoid touching with bare hands, or introducing water into jar. For best results, keep jar in dry place when not in use.

Relax and enjoy your bath!

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Sea Glass, Malibu Barbie, Grape Fizzy Pop, Just Peachy, Ice Queen, Unicorn Breath, Dancin’ in the Rain

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